Kinesere skal hjælpes på vej…

Posted: 5 November, 2010 in Nyheder

Nedenfor vejledningen til fans og andre i forbindelse med atletikkonkurrencerne til Universiaden 2011 i Kina:

“Track and Field is the largest project in the Universiade, the following is what you should pay attention to when watching:

(1) Take a seat in advance, not only to show respect to the athletes, but also not to affect other people watching the game.

(2) When the flag is raising and anthem is playing at the awarding ceremony, people should stand and keep quiet.

(3) When athletes appear, audience should give applause, not only to athletes from their own country and their favorite ones, but also to other athletes.

(4) When the athletes begin jumping or throwing, the audience shouldn’t walk around in the stands.

(5) In some long-distance events, such as the marathon, when some falling behind adhere to the finish line, the audience should as well give the most enthusiastic applause to them, for the sake of sports spirits.

(6) When the race ends, in order to thank the stadium owner, the winners would to around the track one more time. Everyone should give applause for their great performance.

(7) Take care of the stadium as well as other sports equipment. Don’t smoke inside the stadium. Please set the phone silent or into vibration status.”

  1. Morten says:

    nr 6 er det sandeste af de sande bud, det ved alle!

  2. Reedtz says:

    Læste det godt inde på deres hjemmeside.. Utroligt underholdende…:)

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